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How I Got My Agent

It has been an exciting few weeks, and I am happy to announce that I have signed with the talented Kate Testerman of KT Lit!

How I Got My Agent:

This story is not as dramatic as some. I queried her. She requested a partial. She liked the partial and requested the full. She liked the full and emailed me that she wanted to talk.

Here are the thoughts that ran through my mind when I read that email: Where's the BUT??? (I really loved your story...BUT....) And then I thought, "OMG. I have to talk on the phone." Because I really am not so good on the phone with the talking and the words. My next thought was that she was probably going to give me an extensive list of revisions to complete before she offered representation. I braced myself for the worst. Would she want me to cut characters? Add in subplots? Change the beginning, middle and end????

But the phone call happened, and I managed to speak intelligently and not babble too much and Kate was super nice and told me how much she loved my book (Where's the BUT????). She had one suggestion for revision that was so easy I almost cried, and when I sent it to her a few days later she said it was "Perfect. Exactly what I was talking about." Whew. And then I had an agent!

Kate is a whiz with YA and MG sales. Her clients that I spoke to had nothing but awesome things to say about her, so I really feel good about our mutual togetherness. So here's to The Manny and the Motorcycle going on submission... May the Odds be Ever in our Favor!

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