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Welcome to W.I.P. It With Lenz!

A ten-part writer's workshop for grades 4-8!

Lesson 1- What if?

Let's start off brainstorming some ideas!

Lesson 2- Characters

Think about your main character. Here is a sheet to help you get some ideas!

Lesson 3- Wants Vs. Needs

Here is a worksheet you can use to help you think about your MC's wants and needs.

Lesson 4- Plotting

You can download a cool nine-point plot plan right here.

Lesson 5- Fast Draft

You will need this handy dandy word count tracker!

Lesson 6- Word Sprints With Friends

Lesson 7- CUPS

Lesson 8- Show, Don't Tell

Lesson 9- Word Choice

Lesson 10- Critique Partners

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