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Team Gravy

Hello, All! I am excited to announce that my second middle grade book, TEAM GRAVY, is going to be published by Random House in the summer of 2020! Here is the Publisher's Weekly announcement:

Caroline Abbey at Random House has bought Bernice Buttman, Model Citizen author Niki Lenz's new middle grade contemporary novel, Team Gravy. Grace and her father Davy are Team Gravy, and don't need anyone except themselves. But when her pastor dad's church deacons issue an ultimatum—get married in six months or find a new job—Grace tries to keep potential stepmoms from ruining Team Gravy, in a reverse Parent Trap situation. Publication is set for summer 2020; Kate Testerman at KT Literary negotiated the deal for world rights.

I am so excited to be working with Caroline and everyone at Random House again!

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